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What are we ?

Strongly speaking we are a group of programmers that want to bring a multi-platform Stream YellowPage System to the web.
As you may know, between Streamservers like SHOUTcast and Icecast2 there is no list that lists both combined.
Every System has it's own YP Servers and they are not compatible with each other.
And it gets worse: the SHOTcast YP System does not list old NSV Streams anymore !
We provide a way for enthusiasts, users and retro fans to have their streams visible on the web again !
No registrations needed, no fees, no ads! We wan't you having fun, not your money !

Greetings - Your YP Team

How to join ?

You want your server listing here ?
Easy !

Icecast2 Instructions:
Edit your icecast.xml file and add:

SHOUTcast v1 Instructions:
Edit your Hosts File and Add:

You will find your Hosts File here:
Linux: /etc/hosts
Windows: c:\Windows\System32\etc\hosts

The Rules !

We just have a few basic Rules, we want to be nice to the community and provide service, not be a dictator of a list.

  • Don't try to list yourself without the intended software !
  • If your server does not touch our list within 10min. after the last touch it will be listed stale.
  • If your server listing is stale for more than 12min. the listing gets removed.
  • Don't link our list somewhere without giving a bit of credit, we want to grow the community ;)
  • Have fun using our service, questions can be sent to: cs [AT] stream [MINUS] mich [DOT] de
  • Our List will wait for your server to first touch us once before listing you public, this is to reduce accidental listings by crashing servers. Just wait 5mins. :)